They pronounce it ‘Bawston’

In February I was presented with an opportunity to spend a week in Boston, flights and accomodation paid for. Did I take it? Hell yes! The first time I visited the city was a couple of years ago, when it was the starting point and finish line of a three week roadtrip, and I was eager to take a less hectic trip to Boston. I really didn’t have any sort of schedule whatsoever, so I could spend my days mostly just lingering about the town and kicking back.

The worst blizzard of the decade had just run over Massachusetts the previous weekend, and it was clearly the #1 news all week long. On saturday, a smaller storm came by and nearly froze my hands off. Now, the storm itself wasn’t that big of a deal, but I’d just lost my gloves, and while visiting Chinatown I found myself in the middle of the chinese new year celebrations. I just HAD to shoot it, gloves or no gloves.

LPL_6658.jpgLPL_6006.jpgLPL_6004.jpgLPL_6017.jpgLPL_6044.jpgLPL_6095.jpgLPL_6437.jpgLPL_6539.jpgLPL_6631.jpgLPL_6158.jpgLPL_6122.jpgLPL_6238.jpgLPL_6214.jpgLPL_6242.jpgLPL_6329.jpgLPL_6252.jpgLPL_6377.jpgLPL_6401.jpgBoston Symphony Hall panorama.jpgLPL_6410.jpgLPL_6668.jpg


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