Taking X

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working a outside on the warmest (well, to the date) day of spring. It was a friday afternoon, many of the people I shot had just passed their matriculation examination, and were without a worry in the world. The pictures are a part of a SOME-campaign for Sonera X, targeting 18-25 year olds. Facebook & Instagram: #aitominä

The next monday, I also shot some video clips for the same campaign – people talking gibbersih in the style of Smoukahontas. The clips were used as preroll-ads for the Sara goes L.A. -series on MTV Katsomo.

Sonera - Lari Lappalainen-1.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-6.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-4.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-2.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-3.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-5.jpgSonera - Lari Lappalainen-7.jpg

Shot with a Nikkor 85mm 1.8

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