Going out the door today was an adventure just by itself. It snowed approximately 1 cm of snow per hour, for 30 hours straight (and it’s still coming down). With the wind blowing 10-15 meters per second, I really did consider putting on my snowboard goggles, even at the risk of ridiculing myself. Not that the goggles are ridiculous, they’re ridiculously cool, to say the least.

Today’s storm made me think of a similar one, dating to last february. That time the snowflakes were larger and my camera didn’t like the extra moisture. It refused to take any of my prime lenses for about a month, until it finally gave up the silent treatment and started to co-operate again. I looked up those pictures, and hang on… I had published only one of those shots at the time. The pictures were forgotten and untouched on my hard drive, and now I’ll pair them up with the pictures from today. 1-3 are  old ones, FYI. My favorite is #3, with the silhouette of Kallio church looming faintly in the background.

Now go out and play with/in/on the snow!

Snowstorm in Kallio-1.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-2.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-3.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-4.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-5.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-6.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-7.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-8.jpgSnowstorm in Kallio-9.jpg

All photos shot with a Nikkor 85mm 1.8

My new goggles

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