Rocking out with Mikko Herranen

Well, he did the rocking, I just went along for the ride. A friend from the last place I worked in plays the guitar for Mikko Herranen, and invited me to his gig in Nosturi. The show was great and we had lots of fun, long story short. All of this was in early July, but hey – I didn’t even have my site rolling back then, so I’ll forgive myself for this late posting date!

Funny story about how I got to know about Mikko’s former band, Rust, dating back to 2000-something: I randomly bought a Rust t-shirt at a small record store, because it looked cool. When I got home, I froze – what kind of band is this? What if it’s some sort of white power crap, or something else I don’t want to endorse, and will get my ass kicked on the street? So, I googled the band, listened to the songs, and absolutely loved it! Being an old-school Alice in Chains fan, the music hit spot on. I didn’t even realize it was a Finnish band until I got to the bio-page.


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