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Usko hyvän (timelapsen) tekemiseen, osa 2

Pääsin tekemään Helsingin tuomiokirkkoseurakunnalle kaksi mainosvideota liittyen loka-marraskuun seurakuntavaaleihin. Ensimmäinen video esitteli perinteisemmän videon keinoin luottamushenkilöiden toimintaa ja kehotti asettumaan ehdolle vaaleihin. Jälkimmäinen video on mainos ja muistutus siitä, että päätösvalta on lopulta aina äänestäjällä. Sain kakkosvideon toteuttamiseen vapaammat kädet, ja mieleeni tuli heti, että haluan käyttää timelapse-videota. Jos 2000-luvun lopun kuvaustrendi oli karkkimainen HDR-kuvaus, alkoi 2010-luku timelapse-kuvauksen suurtuottaja-aikakautena. Nopeutettuun videokuvaan verrattuna valokuvakameralla pitkää, hidasta […]

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From Cambridge to London

It had been a while since my last trip to England, some 20+ years, to be more specific. 😀 In April, we had the chance to spend the weekend at our friends house in Cambridge – thanks Helena & Jeff!  On monday, we took the train back south, for four more nights in a typical hotel room for London – a subterranean closet with really […]

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Sonera - Lari Lappalainen-1.jpg

Taking X

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working a outside on the warmest (well, to the date) day of spring. It was a friday afternoon, many of the people I shot had just passed their matriculation examination, and were without a worry in the world. The pictures are a part of a SOME-campaign for Sonera X, targeting 18-25 year olds. Facebook & […]

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They pronounce it ‘Bawston’

In February I was presented with an opportunity to spend a week in Boston, flights and accomodation paid for. Did I take it? Hell yes! The first time I visited the city was a couple of years ago, when it was the starting point and finish line of a three week roadtrip, and I was eager to take a less hectic trip to Boston. I […]

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Snowstorm in Kallio-1.jpg


Going out the door today was an adventure just by itself. It snowed approximately 1 cm of snow per hour, for 30 hours straight (and it’s still coming down). With the wind blowing 10-15 meters per second, I really did consider putting on my snowboard goggles, even at the risk of ridiculing myself. Not that the goggles are ridiculous, they’re ridiculously cool, to say the […]

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