A Wolverine summer

Shortly after my 30th birthday I decided it was time to quit talking the talk, and start walking the the walk, and begun to play american football with the Helsinki Wolverines. A year later I tore my ACL, MCL and both sides of the meniscus in my left knee – while playing floorball (salibandy) on our Christmas practice break.

Obviously, I spent most of my time off the field, rehabbing my knee. When I was with the team, I did the only thing of use I could – took photos. This post contains a brief look into a couple of games and moments of (mostly) the Wolverines second team and some studio shots I took for the Wolverines annual publication.

My knee, I hear you ask? Well, it swells up from time to time but as an audiotechinician I knew used to say: It’s good enough for blues. 😉


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